BUDA::lab has a wide range of machines and tools available for use, which you can also book. Ideal to experiment, as a prototyping and small volume production workplace, educational space to discover new production technologies, or as a brainstorm space in close proximity to a ‘make-atelier.

We recommend to book a machine, do it here.

For more information, please have a look at our wiki (dutch only).


  1. Lasercutter CO2 60W
  2. 3D PRINTER Felix, Formlabs, Dremel
  3. 3-assige cnc milling machine
  4. Thermoformmachine
  5. Vinylcutter

Wood workshop:

  1. Wood lathe
  2. Column drill
  3. Belt sander
  4. Belt saw

Metal workshop:

  1. Metal lathe
  2. Metal milling
  3. Screw machine
  4. Grinding wheel
  5. Sander
  6. Router

Here you can find the prices.

If you have any questions on advice and implementation of prototypes do not hesitate to mail us: info@budalab.be!
BUDA:: lab also has an extensive network of regional companies/organizations.