The laser cutter, vinyl cutter and cutter can be reserved per 20 minutes. Per unit time you’ll have to pay €10 or €30/hour.

For the Felix printer and Form labs printer you pay €1 start costs. You’ll pay your used filament.

You can use the 3-axis milling machine per half day for €5. Also the use of the woord workshop and metal workshop are calculated per half day for €5.

The thermoformer is free to use.

Materials Price € Unit
MPX berk 3mm 3 600x450mm
MPX berk 4mm 3,5 600x450mm
MPX berk 6mm 5 600x450mm, only engraving
MPX populier 8mm 3 600x310mm
MPX populier 8mm


Multiplex Pools Grenen 5mm 3 600x310mm
Multiplex Pools Grenen 5mm 6 600x450mm
Multiplex Eik 1 kant 4mm 4,75 600x310mm
Multiplex Eik 1 kant 4mm 9,5 600x450mm


MDF 4 mm  2,50 600x450mm
MDF 6 mm  3,00 600450mm
P01 PS wit 2 mm  5,00 500x500mm
P02 PS wit 5 mm  5,00 500x500mm
P03 PS zwart 2mm  3,50 500x500mm
P04 PS zwart 5mm  5,00 500x500mm
P05 PMMA wit 3mm  15,00 600450mm
P06 PMMA wit 5mm  20,00 600x450mm
P07 PMMA geel 3mm  15,00 600x450mm
P08 PMMA groen 3mm  15,00 600x450mm
P09 Plexiglas XT helder 2mm  10,00 600x450mm
P10 Plexiglas XT helder 3mm  15,00 600x450mm
P11 Plexiglas XT helder 5mm  20,00 600x450mm

Bringing your own materials is also a possibility!