Designregio Kortrijk is looking for 3 highly motivated and recently graduated designer-makers or creative artists to join in a regional residency programme in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk Programme is a 4-month full time working residency from September to December 2017.

Designregio Kortrijk provides for the selected Designers in Residence Kortrijk:

> usage of Budalab Open Makerspace
> experts in several domains and support of Designregio Kortrijk

Theme: Enabling liquid boundaries by social design

Boundaries in society blur.

Libraries act as social meeting places, social restaurants also accommodate childcare, young startups and concert halls are cohousing, culture and scientific research reinforce each other, etc.

The permanent state of societal transformations leads to a society with liquid boundaries.

Designregio Kortrijk invites 3 young designers to develop an experimental concept for those liquid boundaries by social design, exploring social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

The compactness of this region is both a benefit and a challenge.

Are you one of the designers we are looking for?

Apply before Thursday 1 June 2017, click HERE for more information