BUDA :: lab organizes workshops for kids, primary and secondary education. For teachers and monitors we organize within the BUDA::lab on Tour Project VOTE train-the-trainers we also rent machinery and tools.

Following workshops are offered in collaboration with Ingegno and Creative STEM association:

  1. Boomerangs: (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade) with Ingegno and BossyRangs you will learn to make an indoor boomerang in PET, also how to throw and catch it. Of course, everyone can personalize his/hers boomerang with fun-drawn decorations. The workshop is more than making a disposable toy, you will learn about the anatomy of the boomerang, declaration of the return behavior, history, …
  2. Toto lab: (4th, 5th, 6th grade) TOTOlab (Time to discover) let’s children experience what creative thinking really is. They invent their own toys, accessory or piece of art through numerous prototypes. With an accessible approach the children are challenged to design thinking as real young engineers. With these STEM challenges and Fablab skills the inventiveness of the children will be encouraged to let them grow in their creativity, entrepreneurship and critical reflection.
  3. CREA-tronics: (3rd kindergarten to 3rd grade) a world full of light. In this workshop children discover how exciting it can be to work with recycled materials and electronics. With these materials children design and create all sorts of things: an illuminated modular dream city, popup cards with LED lighting, luminous bracelets … And the construction of making a cozy LED mood light.
  4. Hack-a-T-shirt: (3rd kindergarten tot 6th grade) fooling around with screen printing? … Or at least … it starts with playing around, but after this CreaLab you will be an expert! Screen printing is a commonly used technique in order to print on t-shirts, sweaters and other textiles. During the workshop the kids design their own print template on paper and computer. We cut with scissors but also with a laser cutter – children will learn how this device works exactly. You will be proud of the result! Participants bring their own t-shirts, totebags, note … which can be screen printed.
  5. Windmills: (1st to 6th grade) how do you use wind to generate electricity? The children learn about renewables by designing an effective mini-windmill! They learn about LED’s, electric motors, several prototypes, measuring and comparing …

The price per workshop is €15,50 per student with a minimum of €175 per group.

We also offer this workshop tailored for kangaroo classes and more gifted children.

For more information and reservations, please contact info@budalab.be